Nashville Arts Magazine

Nashville Arts magazine was kind enough to give me a spread in their January issue - pick up a hard copy all over town, download the entire issue here, or just read the article on their site!

I had been derelict on executing a glitch self-portrait all this time, and for the article they requested just that. I have to say, I have a hard time deciding between the two above, but this updated process may have sparked my interest in them back up. Until now I have been minimal in the manipulation of the glitched I get out of decim8 - focussing more on getting the countenance, feel and lighting to my liking and having fun with the chaos of the aftermath. With these two self-portraits I was much (much) more deliberate and focussed in the approach and I am commensurately more interested in the images as well - and not just for the narcissistic ping! in my dopamine levels. I had thought I was mostly done with the glitch portraits, but I think now that I may do at least a few more of these...

Let me know what you think in the comments!