Argus C3

The Argus C3, "The Brick," one of the most popular 35mm cameras in history, selling over 2 million units from 1939 to 1966. 

From the wiki:

The C3 was introduced in October 1939 as an improved version of the C (1938–9) and C2 (1938–42). All three models shared the same “brick” design, attributed to Gustave Fassin, but the C3 was by far the most successful. The original Argus C was equipped with an uncoupled rangefinder which required the user to manually rotate the lens barrel to match the rangefinder reading, while the C2 coupled the rangefinder to the lens to allow one-step focusing. The C3 added built-in flash synchronization but was otherwise identical to the C2. It originally retailed for $35, equivalent to $595 in current dollars.

The C3 proved hugely successful, selling approximately 2 million units during its 27-year production run. Although the boxy design was neither stylish nor ergonomic, customers were reportedly drawn to the camera’s “scientific” appearance with its many gears, knobs, and dials. The C3 also developed a reputation for rugged durability and sharp, high-quality images. Photographers affectionately nicknamed it “the brick”. The C3’s enduring popularity allowed it to outlast nearly all of its American competitors, including the Kodak 35 Rangefinder, but it was not able to compete with the flood of inexpensive Japanese single lens reflex cameras entering the market in the 1960s and was finally discontinued in 1966.

Although the design is over 75 years old as of 2014, many C3s are still in use. The cameras are inexpensive on the used market and their simple construction makes them relatively easy to repair.

I have just been displaying this as an art piece along side it's sick old flash attachment and leather case since I found it in a gigantic antique mall in Illinois or Kentucky someplace, but after taking this shot I dug out a roll of 35 and plopped it in there. From what I can tell it still fires well, though the shutter cocking crank is a little finicky so I'm not about to use if for a paying gig or really anything I'm terribly concerned about. That being said, I'll definitely be posting the results of the tests here if any of them pass muster.