10 Hudson Yards

While I didn't shoot these images (the flora or these actual shots), I did do the retouching and it's always nice to show off some real-world work. Robert Wright did the shooting on the High Line, and was kind enough to go back and shoot the finished product for me recently. Be sure to check out his work - it's pretty tight and he was personally great to work with, in our limited capacity.

Point One Percent, working with Related, was tasked to do some construction covering screens to make the new tenants at 10 Hudson Yards more comfortable entering the space while work continued on the floors above them. The location is right off of the High Line, an elevated rail line turned public park, so they went out and shot a bunch of the same flora seen in the park to make the experience more seamless. In just a few days I was tasked with taking those shots and combining them into super-huge (read 10Gb+) files for the excellent designers over at P.O.P (see: Katie Jansen, among others) to then slip into the actual layouts. 

Thanks, as always, to all involved! If you're in NYC any time soon make sure to check out the High Line, it's beautiful and so much better than the rusting health hazard it was just a few years ago, and when you're done (walk south-to-north) check out 10 Hudson Yards and appreciate that the walk is substantially more pleasant because of these screens.