-sigstop - a programming signal used to halt a process. 

I'm obviously enamored with the glitch look, but I've begun to move farther and farther away from the actually randomized results I am given from apps like Decim8 toward more manual recreations of the same effect. Not sure I can say it's any more or less valid, but I do think it's substantially more artistically satisfying. 

In the interest of keeping my chops up, I've begun an open-ended series of still-life pieces incorporating the technique. For now I'll keep it mainly on produce and simple isolated objects, but may expand outwardly in the future. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the series, I'm also interested in the nebulous message posits, in much the same way as my Piacular series. Is the glitching, especially in the produce pieces, a commentary on GMO practices? If so, Am I pro- or anti-GMO? Or maybe it's more of a take on our digital dependence. What message do you get out of them?

For the moment I'm selling them as stock on Arcangel (at least, the curious few from the series they accept over the others. No accounting for taste I guess) and will be selling them as prints as soon as I can find time for solving that on process my schedule. Let me know if you're interested in any.