Mary Mooney

East Nashville has been very sociable since we moved last summer. Being almost-alcoholics, Mickey's Tavern was our first in-road, through which we've met just about all of our current social circle - thanks to owners Andy and Becky - and the ridiculously awesome bartenders. In that vein, through one or two turns and connections I met Mary Mooney - a gratuitously nice and gracious local artist and jewelry maker. (She's just relaunched her website and it's pretty sick, please, take a look -

Mary's work is two-fold in that she first creates these beautiful hexagonal abstract back-painted colorful pieces - but in the process spins off something like shards of the parent painting, which are first done in a standard rectilinear shape. She takes these shards, cleans them up and makes them into beautiful necklaces unlike anything I've seen floating around - and though she already has some perfectly great product photography, and technically creates more of these than I could hope to keep up with on our little indie budgets, I really wanted to work with her on some shots. She obliged, let me borrow a few pieces and spend some time with them - some of the results of which are above. Not only that, but she also offered to let me use her miter saw for some of my own little projects instead of letting me brutally labor over them with a hand saw. Thanks Mary!

I can't wait to work with her more in the future and see what else we can come up with.