Been a while...

So we bought a house, had a bunch of renovation done that turned out to take quite a while longer than expected, and ultimately, I got distracted by the hustle. That's not to say that the hustle is going well. I'm not a fan of the hustle, but it is distracting.

Anyway, back to it. Something simple just to get me back on track.

While growing up, my parents and I had birds for quite a while. A Parakeet, a Quaker, and two African Greys. It was nice, as a kid, educational and all that - but we're really not into having them as pets now that we're adults. We have, however, become bird-people when it comes to the songbirds and wilds birds around the house and local parks. Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, Mockingbirds, Wrens, Bluebirds and a whole list of others. With that in mind, we received a two-way mirrored, window-mounted bird feeder for Christmas from family and ever since I was smart enough to move it to the front window we've been wrapped up in who comes to feed at it. I've taken to setting up my backup camera tied to an old iPhone with a TriggerTrap set to fire the shutter on motion detection. Mostly it's worked wonderfully, though the finches tend to just hang out and run down my batteries. 

We get plenty of Chickadees and House Finches, the Titmice have finally come to trust it and a female Cardinal has been getting braver. Had a Carolina Wren once but the bastards are too damned fast. The Juncos won't come up to it and prefer to eat from all of the shrapnel that the Finches throw on the ground, and we haven't been able to get a male cardinal in yet. If we can get a Cedar Waxwing or one of the little Downy Woodpeckers that frequent the yard in and catch them in the camera I'll be more than stoked.