I've been amiss in updates since we're living in an active renovation. Between the DIY projects going on, the contractors working day in and day out, the lack of a functional kitchen (any kitchen at all really, since that's where all the major reno is going on), paying work and laziness - I've definitely been off my update-game. This post is not much different but hopefully gives some kind of context. 

Lacking a kitchen we've resorted to shitty eating - ramen, pizza, blah blah blah. That being said, I was a little happy to have a relatively reasonable reason to eat Maruchan Cup-O-Noodles again and was surprised to see a new flavor (new to me at least), Chicken Tortilla. Long story short, go get some. Just do it - forget the ridiculous level of sodium for a second and just eat it. It's delicious. 

I can't wait to have a real kitchen again though. Especially this gorgeous walnut butcher block and concrete island.