Piacular, 1

Aug 2015


I've been working on this idea since last April, when Phil was kind enough to take N and I out in to the desert to camp, to make sure we didn't get eaten, poisoned, burned, lost or murdered. I can't thank him enough and only wish I'd been able to schedule more outings. Desert sunsets are absolutely amazing and Lake Havasu City is rife with the best of them. 

I'd like to say I have some grand concept behind these shots (I'll be posting more next week), but really it's mostly an amalgamation. While I can certainly read it as a fine art piece and apply my own mental state to the series, it's also a technical exercise for me and at the end of the day an effort to make something that I think looks cool.

I'm still taken with the Glitch portrait series but until last year had never thought to try the procedure on a wider scale. I'm actually very taken with the results, which is strange for me for a project as involved as this. It's not exactly what I envisioned to begin with, but in many ways it's much more effective. I hope you enjoy. Come back next week for the second, and you can see this one larger in the gallery, or on flickr.