Polaroid 110

Sep 2015

Loving the weight and feel of this beautiful original Polaroid Pathfinder 110. Manufactured sometime in the middle 50s with a gorgeous 127mm f/4.5 Wollensak Raptar lens. It's a tank, at nearly 10in tall as shown, and just under 5lbs - but much more portable than a full 4x5 large format. 

She's in great shape and seems to fire well, even came still loaded with a few frames of 40-series film left in her, though it was ancient, practically mummified. Though it can be modified to shoot full-on 4x5 sheet film, I'd love to keep the body intact and see if I can just mod it to shoot on 120 roll-film. While gorgeous, one of my favorite aspects is actually the smell of it - that antique, slightly musty, been-in-an-attic-too-long, roll-film melange. I want to shoot things that look like that smell, especially using this wonderful thing.