Moving Day

July 13, 2015

Take it easy Havasu, you've been a fine temporary place of lodging, a detriment to our livers, a place to swim outside even in the winter, a land full of fantastic friends and the best place to get in some quality time with both of our parents on a regular basis for six months out of the year (and an uncle!). You have the most consistently gorgeous sunsets of anywhere our travels have taken us, one of our favorite micro-breweries, such a badass little cheap first run movie theater, and your oppressively hot "dome" keeps the bad weather all shoved up around your torn-paper-edged mountains for excellent viewing, and hey! they filmed that Piranha 3D movie in you, that's pretty cool...

But you are also have a really, really bad (I'm looking at you, Fireball) liquor selection, almost no real cultural landmarks, and you're very literally unbearable in the summer. I'm not sure how anything survives here from June through September (May even, really). No joke, eggs can actually fry on the pavement here, and the sun feels like it's being shone through a lens specifically to punish you. Even the cold water taps only put out tepid-to-warm water in the summer. The only nice part about the heat is that the pool naturally gets hotter than I'd personally even set a hot tub, and yet against the vengeful air it feels like a return to the womb.

So we're moving on, which was really the plan all along, to Nashville. See you soon, Havasu, but only in the colder months. I miss my hoodies and I'm tired of always wearing shorts.

Travis CommeauComment