Jerome by Night

May 15, 2015

Jerome, Arizona is fantastic. Go if you're ever near Sedona. Where both Sedona and Jerome are very tourism dependent, Jerome seems to get the joke. "Yeah, sure, we're totally haunted. Boo! Can we go get a drink now?" It's tiny and very vertical, and to be perfectly fair, there's not a hell of a lot to do, but it's got a huge personality and there's definitely a part of me that would happily settle there and see what I could make of it, even as it slides down the face of the mountain it's perched on. If you do go, and please do, make sure the stop at Bobby D's and ask him about his smoked-jalapeno infused vodka (after sampling the sauce, of course); shoot the shit with Cody at the Passion Cellars tasting room; get fat at The Haunted Hamburger; more wine at Caduceus and Cellar 433; and end the night at The Spirit Room and Paul and Jerry's. Down the road a bit, Page Springs Cellars was fantastic and unbelievably priced. Go.