Sid Ceaser, DEDPXL and Inspiration

Jun 1, 2015

I met Sid Ceaser something like 6 or so years ago, I guess while I was still living in Manchester, NH. I had run in with a few locals that wanted to do some networking and group critique oriented stuff but were sick of the "Young Businesspeoples' blah blah blah" sort of meet-ups that were happening at the time and really only serving to make us feel more and more like Manchester had dick to offer. 

Tanya Lacourse (another NH photographer at the time) had the good sense to organize meet-ups (hey, that's me!) that were specifically creative-person oriented. Photographers, illustrators, industrial designers, engineers, software folk - really anyone that could call themselves (or endeavored to call themselves) makers. Sid was among them and I took a liking to him right away, he's a very like-able guy and more importantly, he knows his shit. You probably know his shit too, from the "Muppet Proposal" video he made for his wife. (spoiler, it worked).

Many years later and states distant I follow his work, but haven't really been in touch. Life gets in the way and whatnot. No excuses. In any case, I found myself under a rain cloud this morning. Over-tired for no good reason, burning out of a few current projects and generally wondering about life choices and their reality, efficacy and wisdom. As luck would have it though, Sid has been writing for Zack Arias's DEDPXL for a little bit now and, via fStoppers, this little gem made it in front of my morning coffee face. 

I hope it does as well for you as it did for me this morning. I may still be under that cloud but I've been reminded of good friends and creatives that I've maybe been forgetting, and had my sense of purpose at least a little renewed. Thanks Sid!