Polaroid 600

I know, I know, it's not the "SE," so in my case that 127mm is all I have to work with, but that being said the "SE" only had two other lens options, so I'm not too bummed. It's a tack-sharp lens and hasn't shown me any guff yet - and for a camera older than me (released in 1978), that's not bad. This one included the leather case it was sold in and a bunch of owners manuals and miscellany to boot but my favorite part is the way it smells. Apparently I have an olfactory fetish with venerable cameras. I'm sure it's something to do with the old plastics gassing out more than modern varieties and the ancient felt on the inside of the case just soaking up ambient wafts.

It's a tank, like most of these old guys, standing 6.625" tall and about 9" wide and 7.5" deep including the pack-film back I've got on it. I wish I took it out more, but it's not exactly a walking-around kind of camera, despite the grip is being perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately for now it's spending too much time in the aforementioned case.