Petri TTL

The most recent addition to my ridiculous collection is from my mother, for my birthday last month. A Petri TTL 35mm SLR, the first camera she ever owned and shot on and a very thoughtful gift.

It's a bizarre camera. That big circle to the right of the logo and lens... the battery compartment for the exposure meter. That shutter button - what the hell is it doing on the front of the body so close to the lens? Jabbing out an an angle?

Petri was a Japanese company that made a pile of other cameras meant to compete with Canon and Nikon, but I'd never even heard of it until this arrived on my doorstep. Production started around 1974 but I'm not sure how old this particular one is. Apparently the metering system is turned on when the film is wound and it's not possible (short of removing the batteries) to turn it off until the shutter fires. Not so good on battery life I can imagine. Not to mention the metering system is only accurate when you lock the lens to its aperture preview.

Despite its idiosyncrasies it's a solid, heavy thing and I'm anxious to get some film in it and take it out. Thanks, Ma!